Glitter Candy Hearts Sweatshirt


Cold Black Heart🖤😜 Now this is my kinda love language!
SNARKY Conversation hearts 🖤🍾🖤
More Tacos 👏
Queso & Margs 🍹
I’m A Wine-O 🍷
Self Love 💕
Buy Own Flowers 💐
U R Pretty 🤩
More Coffee ☕️
Dead Inside ☠️
I Hit Curbs 🚘
Worry Less ✌️
Tequila Plz 😝
Heartless 🖤
Lil Bit Petty 💁🏻‍♀️
How Bout No ❌
Leave Me Alone 🙅🏻‍♀️
V is 4 Vodka 🎉
Enough said 😂 This gorgeous sweatshirt has a black and metallic gold print! Is fleece lined! And the neutral color makes this perfect to go with just about everything 🤩🖤
Tan sweatshirt
$21 S to 3X
5pc minimum